License Information

The AVAnimator library was constructed with the specific goal of providing a library that can be easily (and legally) incorporated into an iOS app and sold via the iTunes app store. Libraries licensed under the LGPL (including libquicktime, quicktime4linux, and ffmpeg) are in murky legal territory due to static linking restrictions in the LGPL license. Read more about this issue here:

The AVAnimator library does not include code covered by the LGPL, so this specific issue is not a problem. The AVAnimator library is dual licensed. Example downloads provided are GPL licensed, you are free to download, evaluate, and use the AVAnimator software under the terms of the GPL.

A separate commercial license is available to enable integration without being bound by the terms of the GPL. Companies or individuals that would like to integrate the AVAnimator software into a product can obtain a commercial license for a one time cost of 475 USD. Please contact me directly to finalize a license for a specific usage.

Individuals or companies producing educational software or other software deemed to be in the public interest may be eligible to license the AVAnimator library at no cost. A no cost license will be evaluated on a case by case basis.