License Information

RenderReduce is Open Source software that is licensed to individuals or companies that create iOS/Mac applications. Far too many corporations produce software that the company expects a client to integrate without actually being able to see how the software works.

Engineers need to be able to examine technology in order to do their jobs. While source code escrow might alleviate some worst case management fears, it is typically impractical for small and medium size business. Legal and maintenance overhead of source code escrow would dwarf the actual costs of the technology.

RenderReduce addresses these needs by making the complete source code available to license holders under terms that make it both easy and legal to incorporate the software into an iOS/Mac app and sold via the iTunes app store.

Note that RenderReduce does not use the LGPL or GPL licenses, as any libraries that make use of these licenses fall into a murky legal territory when integrated into an app sold through the app store.

RenderReduce is provided as example apps and a binary framework. The framework itself is time limited, so that compression will be disabled once the evaluation time period has elapsed. This approach makes it possible to easily try out the software and see for yourself what kind of memory use reduction is possible.

After evaluating the software, an individual or company can email me directly to obtain a quote. Cost typically depends on the number of employees at a company. Please contact me directly to finalize the license for a specific usage.

Individuals or companies producing educational software or other software deemed to be in the public interest may be eligible to license the RenderReduce framework at no cost. A no cost license will be evaluated on a case by case basis.