• B.S. in computer science from the U of MN (1998), with a focus on human machine interaction and GUI design.

Over 10 years experience with:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Tcl/Tk
  • Automated Build Systems

Experienced with:

  • Objective-C (iOS)
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Python

I am a founding member of the Tcl Core Team, an elected group of Tcl experts who oversee development of Tcl/Tk software. I have been the maintainer of Tcl/Tk's autoconf based build system for the last 8 years. I created the Mingw port of Tcl/Tk and I have contributed countless bug fixes and improvements to Tcl/Tk and related projects.

Since 1998, I have served as the project manager for the Tcl/Java project. Tcl/Java is software used to link a Java interpreter with a Tcl interpreter and was originally developed by Sun Microsystems. The project is now hosted on Sourceforge and has matured into production ready software.

For 2 years, I worked at Cygnus / Red Hat where my duties included maintaining the Source-Navigator IDE, working with embedded Linux systems, and talking with customers at trade shows. Source-Navigator was a C/C++/Java IDE implemented in Tcl/Tk with a Berkeley DB back end.

I have worked extensively with a wide variety of automated build systems, focusing on GNU autoconf / automake / libtool. I have also worked with VC++ extensively, porting software from Unix/Linux to Windows and vice versa.

I have made numerous contributions to a number of open source Java projects. I was the maintainer of the Jikes Java compiler for one year. While working on Jikes, I developed the Jacks Java compiler regression test suite. Jacks has since been improved by others and has been incorporated into the GNU Mauve test suite. I have also contributed fixes to the Kaffe JVM.